Chrome Wasp microstove

Wasp & Hornet Stoves

Stoves designed for small to medium sized spaces + maritime use

Wasp & Hornet Stoves

3-4KW queen wasp with chrome bezel (left) & hornet 8KW in iron plate

below - arctic vs queen wasps

Arctic (right) extended burn

arctic vs queen wasps Arctic Wasp

Queen wasp Mk2

queen wasp

Chrome Wasp microstove

chrome wasp

Survival burner

arctic wasp

Medium Sized Woodburner


Das Kapitan Mariine



All stoves are constucted to EN13240, 'CE' & 'DEFRA' compliance is offered on all new commissions.

Featuring gas-air heat exchangers where the incoming air is preheated to 500C+ and directed to both secondary combustion port and door glass, giving very clean burn and 'airwash'. The refractory metal used for the firebox allows even corrosive fuels such as driftwood to be burnt without affecting their lifespan.

Boilers are made from 3mm+ stainless steel and certified to over twice working pressure.

Call me on 07889 448242 or our 'HETAS' registered fitter Johnny Tysoe on 07988 705776 for more details.